End of winter Atlas is closing in


Time is certainly marching on and we have just a week before the end of fieldwork for the winter Bird Atlas. This leaves just one weekend to find those species still missing from 10-km square lists. The Roving Gaps map below shows the 10-km squares still in need of extra effort. The darker colours show squares where most effort is still needed, with black squares missing over 75% of the species recorded in the previous winter Atlas. The Regional Results pages give more detailed information about your local area.

Roving gaps map, highlighting those 10-km squares requiring more general birding effort over the next week.

So over the coming week, please visit any 10-km squares near you and see if you can add those last few species. Registered users can also use the 'Priority Squares' feature to see what may be missing from your own home square.

Written by: BTO