Changes to photograph submission rules during the breeding season: July 2014 update


Earlier in the spring, we released this article explaining updates to our policy on Schedule 1 breeding birds. After discussions with wildlife crime and investigations officers at the RSPB as well as the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP), we have come to the conclusion that ending the restrictions on 30 June is premature — many species are still breeding at this time and, as such, with recommendation from the aforementioned organisations, the restrictions will now be implemented until 31 July. For a full list of species affected by the restrictions put in place on the BirdGuides website, see this article. Please note that, if an individual of a species is reported on our bird news services (i.e. deemed 'newsworthy'), images can and will be approved to the galleries.

Mark Holling, RBBP secretary, offered the following statement:

"The Rare Breeding Birds Panel supports the extension of the restricted period to the end of July, as many species of Schedule 1 and other rare breeding birds are still nesting at this time. Although for a few, post-breeding dispersal is underway in June, others still may have dependent young, or be rearing second or replacement broods well into July. Rarer species can be especially vulnerable simply because there are fewer of them! Although for most, breeding has finished by the end of July, there will still be some active nests and parents with dependent young, but some species, notably Quail, Honey Buzzard, Hobby and Barn Owl, are often still rearing young in August. Observers should be cautious not to disturb any nesting birds at any time."

We reserve the right to reject or amend photographs (and their accompanying text) at our discretion and without notice.

Written by: BirdGuides/Rare Breeding Birds Panel