BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2019


It's time for the 14th annual BirdGuides Photo of the Year vote and, as with the past couple of years, the winner will be decided by you.

The 52 winning images of 2019 were taken by a total of 49 photographers, with three of those winning twice. The past couple of days has seen the BirdGuides and Birdwatch team whittle this down to a shortlist of 10 – now it's up to you to choose your favourite from the selection below. The choice is no longer mine, although I do know which my personal favourite is ...

A sincere thanks to all our contributors, who have made this friendly, enjoyable and vibrant competition possible by taking the time to post their superb images in our galleries each week.

I've had a fantastic time being involved in Photo of the Week over the past six years and am always left impressed by the quality produced by BirdGuides website users. I appreciate that some may not agree with the choices each week, but that's what photography is all about – personal tastes, opinions and preferences make it such a wonderful perennial talking point.

I take the time to look at every image every week and make my choices based entirely on my favourite image – not on rarity value, who took it, what it was taken with or where it was taken, but simply by how much of an impression it makes on me at the time. Some weeks it can be an extremely difficult choice, with so many great uploads!

But my work is done – now's the time for you to debate which of these 10 stunning images should be awarded the Photo of the Year 2019.

Simply scroll down the list below to browse them all and then choose your favourite from the drop-down menu. The photo with the most votes by midnight on Tuesday 28 January will be crowned 2019's champion. Good luck to all the photographers involved!


Written by: Steve Young