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For some years now, BirdGuides has been publishing online articles for birdwatchers which could be regarded as the equivalent of an online magazine. Some of the articles are available free of charge to all visitors to our website, but many can only be accessed if you subscribe to Bird News Extra.

Hence, a significant benefit of subscribing to Bird News Extra is to have access to the hundreds of articles we've already published, as well as the on-going topical articles we add every month.

The following list is just a sample but it will give you an idea of the breadth of articles already in our archive. To get access to all of them, you just have to become a Bird News Extra subscriber.

Bird identification – these articles are usually copiously illustrated using examples from the thousands of photos in our photo gallery and include ground-breaking ideas from well-known birder Martin Garner on how to identify 'impossible' species

Where to look for

Bird conservation

Birding abroad

Birdwatching sites

Analysis of influxes/invasions

Birders' tales and finds



Weekly reviews

These summarise all the sightings reported during the previous week and are illustrated by up to 50 photos from our photo gallery. They are a fantastic way to be kept informed on what's being seen around the country and which birds are giving the best views. And if you want to know how many of certain species were being seen at this time in previous years, you can find out just by looking up the appropriate weekly reports in the archive.

For a full list of articles in the archive, see www.birdguides.com/articles

To subscribe to Bird News Extra, go to www.birdguides.com/subscribe

Written by: Dave Gosney