Birdwatch - October 2023

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Brambling, North Ronaldsay, rare robins and the migration hot-spot of Hel all feature in October’s Birdwatch, out now!

On Sale: 28/09/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Orkney’s leading light
North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory is one of the best locations to study migration and find vagrants in Britain, as warden George Gay explains.

Masters of the mast
It’s always a joy to see a Brambling. Sarah Harris explores the life and times of the ‘Cock o’ the north’.

Field ID notes: autumn robins
Andy Stoddart offers advice on finding and identifying several rare and scarce species of robin and chat.

Hel of a place
In autumn, one of the names that comes to the fore of European birding is Hel. Milosz Cousens profiles this Polish migration hot-spot.

Getting back to birding
After suffering an unexpected stroke, Julian Bhalerao’s story of recovery and returning to the field is an inspiration.

Protecting a birding treasure trove
Richard Cuthbert discusses the World Land Trust’s latest project to protect remnant areas of cloudforest in Antioquia, Colombia.

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