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April 2020

On Sale: 26/03/2020

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What's in this Issue?

The big stories

Astonishing stories from the wider Western Palearctic, including a regional second and the appearance of a lonely Siberian Crane.


World of birds

Dancing Common Cranes and a host of avian goodies to be found in west Sweden


Identification: gulls

Learn how to pick out Laughing and Franklin’s Gull



Mark Avery asks if the struggling Hen Harrier will soon see a change in fortune in light of the many unofficial Hen Harrier Days due before the ‘official’ one in August. Whilst Dominic Mitchell contemplates trains, planes, automobiles and the value of responsible tourism by birders


Spring itinerary

Our county guide to Cheshire takes you to the best migration hot spots


Bill Oddie on ...

Why he’ll never forget that first special glimpse of a Common Kingfisher

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