Wildlife crimes committed at Walthamstow Wetlands


London Wildlife Trust (LWT) has revealed that multiple Mute Swans have recently been attacked at its Walthamstow Wetlands reserve.

On 30 September, LWT staff received a report of two injured swans, an adult and a juvenile. Three days later, a single swan was found dead. The exact time of the attack is unknown.

The injuries sustained suggest that a catapult had been used to attack the birds. LWT said: "Such incidents are very distressing for our visitors, volunteers and staff. The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit."

Mute Swan has been killed by attackers at Walthamstow Wetlands recently, with at least two more injured (Suzy Bristow).

LWT said it was the second such violation that it has dealt with this year, adding: "We urge visitors at our reserves to continue to report such incidents, while taking care not to put themselves at risk."

The injured birds are under supervision of The Swan Sanctuary. The injured cygnet is said to be "making a recovery", while the adult "appears to be feeding well".