Don't let the cats out: German residents asked to help save larks


Cat owners in the south-west German town of Walldrof have been told by authorities that they must keep their animals indoors until the end of August.

The order applies to the southern side of the town, where the measures are being taken to protect nesting Crested Larks, which have declined sharply in western Europe over the last few decades.

Local authorities say the survival of Crested Lark "depends on each chick" (W Schulenburg).

Crested Lark is a ground-nesting species and thus can be easy prey for feral felines. Local authorities justified their decision, stating: "Among other things, the survival of the species depends on every single chick."

The decree will be repeated for the next three years, but has frustrated local pet owners. The head of the local animal protection association reportedly plans to take legal steps to challenge the ruling, which he described as "disproportionate".