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Birding abroad Gosney's in Texas

Gosney's in Texas

Catch up with Dave Gosney on the first part of his trip to Texas, where his blog focuses on the Rio Grande Valley.


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Birding abroad Florida ivory?

Florida ivory?

Researchers from Auburn University and the University of Windsor report 14 sightings of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers in forest in the panhandle...


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Birding abroad Birding Daocheng

Birding Daocheng

Daocheng in China is fairly well-known to Chinese birders. The area is not far outside the Autonomous Tibetan Region, but geographically...


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Gosney's in Corsica

Find out how Dave Gosney is faring in his latest trip abroad, this time in Corsica searching for Corsican Nuthatch and the newly split...


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Birding abroad Dupont's Larks are easy!

Dupont's Larks are easy!

There are lots of reasons why Dupont's Lark is considered one of the hardest species to see in the Western Palearctic. In the words of a...


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