Analysis of avian DNA, biometrics and vocalisations add to our understanding of bird species all the time. We cover all the 'splits', lumps and discoveries.

Scottish Crested Tit is found only in the highlands of Scotland, with a breeding population of about 1,700 pairs. Two other subspecies, cristatus from northern Europe and mitratus from France, have reached England on occasion. Photo: David Featherbe.

Our forgotten endemics

Want to see exciting endemic birds? Look no further, says David Callahan – there is a surprising array of little-known bird forms on your...


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Principe Speirops is an aberrantly pale island white-eye form. Photo: Nik Borrow

White-eyes nest together

Despite their apparent differences, a new study shows that island white-eyes are very closely related to each other and their mainland...


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This female Magnificent Frigatebird photographed in Antigua should be well within the genetic mainstream of its species. Photo: Charlesjsharp (

Galápagos frigatebird gain

The island isolation so important in the speciation of tubenoses now appears to be playing a greater role than thought in the evolution of...


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