Recruiting a new BirdTrack Organiser


The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is recruiting a BirdTrack Organiser. This is a full-time, permanent position based in Thetford, Norfolk. BirdTrack is an online bird recording scheme led by BTO in partnership with RSPB, BirdWatch Ireland, Scottish Ornithologists Club, Welsh Ornithological Society, Sovon and BirdLife International. It is a year–round recording scheme that uses data from birdwatchers’ records to understand the occurrence of birds at local, national and international scales, and to use that understanding to further science and conservation. One aspect of BirdTrack is the nightly load of records from the BirdGuides news service into the database. The development of BirdTrack is an ongoing process and new features continue to be added to the website and mobile applications. The aim is to provide a comprehensive bird recording scheme that birdwatchers can use to store all of their birdwatching records. We are also working closely with county bird recorders to ensure that the records are also available for use at a local level.

BTO is looking for an active and enthusiastic birder with a good knowledge of birds and birding. They should have excellent communication skills and the creativity to bring novel ideas for the continued development of BirdTrack. The full job specification can be found online at www.bto.org/about-bto/job-opportunities.

Closing date for applicants is Monday 19 June 2017.

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Written by: BTO