Photo of the Week: 5–11 August


Barn Owl by Roy Rimmer

Barn Owl

My first thought on seeing this remarkable image of a Barn Owl by Roy Rimmer was "how?" — how do you compose the shot, how do you ensure the exposure is correct, and how do you focus on the subject?

After carefully studying this particular Barn Owl's routine, Roy set up dummy cameras and flash units to ensure it became accustomed to their presence. It was then a case of spending the long nights in the hide waiting for 'that' moment. The shutter was fired via a 30-metre home-made cable release, using a 16 mm lens and two flash units.

This set-up was tested at home using a fluffy toy to replace the owl and just shows what can be achieved with persistent observation, lots of practice and just a little bit of luck on the night.

Congratulations to Roy on a distinctive and particularly imaginative Photo of the Week.

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Written by: Steve Young