Photo of the Week: 20-26 June


Northern Wheatears by Neil Rendall


A charming capture of three young Northern Wheatears huddled together waiting to be fed by their parents is this week's stand-out shot.

Taken by Neil Rendall, this image is the epitomy of cuteness. The photo is well exposed, with all three birds in focus. Fresh out of the nest, there is an innocent, slightly bewildered look on the faces of the juveniles as they just sit around in the hope that the adults will soon return with the next meal.

Congratulations to Neil on his winning shot, taken with a 450 mm zoom lens setting at 1/1000th second, f6.3 on ISO900.


Other notable images


Eurasian Spoonbill, Pennington Marshes, Hampshire (Joe Murphy).

Little Owl, Halford, Warwickshire (Clive Daelman).

Great Tit, Kalmthout, Belgium (Marc FASOL).

Common Swift, Fleetwood, Lancashire (Gordon Speirs).

Razorbill, Isle of May, Fife (Dave Williams).

Green Woodpecker, Elm, Cambridgeshire (Jane Rowe).

Grey Heron, Pennington Marshes, Hampshire (Joe Murphy).

Great Crested Grebe, Staffordshire (Michael Erwin).

Whinchat, Elan Valley, Powys (Kev Joynes).

Semipalmated Sandpiper, Washington WWT, Durham (Frank Golding).

Written by: Steve Young