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On Sale: 28/06/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Shetland’s rarity overload!
Song Sparrow, Marmora’s Warbler & more inside

Swarovski CL Companion bins package worth up to £940!

Bill Oddie makes a splash
“I stepped into the river and began to sink”

World of birds
Meat & greet
Feeding time at the vulture restaurants of Extremadura

Which warbler?
Tackling one of birding’s most difficult challenges 

My mission to save nature
Chris Packham talks exclusively about his quest to record and protect the UK’s wildlife 

Your July guide
Go birding in Argyll, Northumberland, Wales and County Clare

Osprey hot-spots
The best places to see this charismatic raptor around the country

Ethical listing 
The principles behind my British and Irish list, by Ian Wallace

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