Ageing & Sexing of Migratory East Asian Passerines

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Avium Förlag
1st (2020)
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This generously illustrated handbook covers 62 East Asian passerine species, including many that appear as sought-after vagrants in both Europe and North America.

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It provides a comprehensive and detailed summary of current knowledge, based on data and photographs of birds in the hand, collected during three years of study in China, primarily at Beidaihe, Hebei province.

The texts are presented in a pedagogical manner and, together with an ample collection of over 1,400 photographs, guide the reader through the process of determining the age and sex of the bird in both autumn and spring. This guide is an essential introduction to the subject for bird ringers in China, and it will also prove indispensable for any birdwatcher with an interest in the ageing and sexing of East Asian passerines.

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