The DVD Video Guide to British Birds: iPod Edition

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DVD for 5th Generation iPod (or later) with video playback capability only. Total running time: 10 hours.

This iPod edition is based on the best-selling Video Guide to British Birds.

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This is the iPod edition of the DVD-Video Guide to British Birds. It enables you to view the entire contents of 5 DVD-Videos (almost 10 hours of material) on your iPod. This allows you to watch gorgeous video footage, listen to sound recordings of songs and calls and learn from informative commentaries, anywhere, anytime. Now you can take the Video Guide into the field with you, whenever you go birdwatching.

This guide covers 260 species, that’s all the birds you’re likely to see in Britain, apart from rare vagrants. By clicking on any species listed in your iPod screen, you will see a ‘video essay’ of that species, lasting up to 3 minutes. Within this you will get for each species:

High quality moving footage of the bird in its natural habitat, often in several different plumages

Sound recordings of songs and, often, calls too, from Jean Roche’s definitive collection ‘All the Bird Songs of Europe’

Superb illustrations, mostly by Alan Harris, from the ‘Larousse Field Guide to British Birds’

Detailed distribution maps showing where that species can be found

Informative and entertaining commentaries by Dave Gosney, author of the ‘Finding Birds in …’ series of books. These commentaries explain the best way to identify the bird by sight and sounds, tell you where you might see them and, often, give you entertaining insights into that bird’s behaviour and lifestyle.

Requirements: 5th Generation iPod (or later) with video playback capability.