Kenya: A Natural History

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Steve Spawls, Glenn Mathews

Covering a remarkably diverse and beautiful country, this title provides a broad yet detailed overview of all aspects of Kenya's natural history and environment.

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This title covers the natural history of a remarkably diverse and beautiful country, with its many and varied inhabitants. It provides something previously unobtainable – a broad and yet detailed overview of all aspects of Kenya's natural history and environment, illustrated by informative colour photographs. It is a rich resource for all wildlife professionals, educators, visitors and students – anyone with an interest in Kenya.

Accurate and accessible discussion is delivered in thirteen chapters covering geology, hominids and fossils, peopling, landscape, climate and weather, plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates, the marine world and conservation. It is the first book to span the gap between general guidebook and detailed scientific material; it gives the `big picture' where Kenya's natural history is concerned and will be an indispensable companion to those whose work or pleasure involves them with the Kenyan outdoors.

The two authors are experienced professionals with over 90 years of African experience between them – one a published expert herpetologist and naturalist, the other a qualified safari guide. Kenya: A Natural History is essential background reading for those with a desire to understand Kenya. Each chapter contains a summary, background information, research and statistics, compares the historical with the present situation, and reviews relevant literature. If you want to find out how many bird species are known from Kenya, where its rare plants are, what has happened to its elephants during the last 100 years, or why the country is the cradle of humanity – this is the book for you.