Woodland Bird Songs & Calls

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Hannu Jannes and Owen Roberts
New Holland
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Includes audio CD with 80 tracks. 90 colour photos.

This easy-to-use package of book and CD offers an insight into the secret world of woodland birds.

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In the forest a birdwatcher's ears are often more useful than their eyes for locating the various species of woodpeckers, owls, finches and many other families which inhabit this sometimes impenetrable habitat. This easy-to-use package of book and CD offers insight into this secret world. The CD features 80 tracks containing bird songs and calls of species commonly found in forest and woodland habitats across Britain and the rest of Europe.

Each audio track is numbered to coincide with the guide for quick reference. The book also presents full-colour photographs of the birds and interesting text about their habits and feeding and nesting routines, as well as their songs and calls.

Invaluable for birders of all ages and abilities, Woodland Birds Songs & Calls will offer an ideal way to increase your knowledge of bird identification and help to understand their behaviour. It is ideal for those going on organised dawn chorus walks, or for just exploring on your own.