The Kids' Book of Garden Birds

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Supriya Sahai
Square and Circus

This colourful book aims to encourage a love of wildlife and nature in children by starting with garden birds.

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The Kids' Book of Garden Birds aims to encourage a love of wildlife and nature in children.

The book features 20 common British garden birds, which children can spot in their local environment on their own, or with help from parents. It is ideal for a beginner and could encourage the pursuit of birdwatching as a more serious hobby later.

• Informative text
• Detailed colour illustrations. Each illustration is supported by annotations and a fun fact about the bird
• A great starter guide for birdwatching
• Colourful, child-friendly design
• Will make a great gift for a young nature enthusiast

About the author: Supriya Sahai was born and raised in India, and moved to the UK in 2003. Formally trained as a Graphic designer, she has designed and illustrated books for various publishers, including Dorling Kindersley, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Kingfisher/Macmillan, and National Geographic. Her book Delhi, On the Road was published by HarperCollins India in 2010. In 2012, she authored Lonely Planet’s guidebook Great Britain for the Indian Traveller.