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On Sale: 28/02/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the March issue of Birdwatch magazine...

  • Waste not, want not - plastic pollution is everywhere and it's hugely damaging to the environment. Nowhere is this more obvious than with the impact such waste is having on the world's seabirds. Alex Bond of the Natural History Museum at Tring has been studying the devastating effects of plastics on seabird colonies. He explains his reasearch and looks at what we can all do to help reduce the amount of plastic we use.
  • Heron sent - As our climate warms, Mediterranean species are advancing north and becoming more regular in Britain. Among these are Little Bittern and Squacco, Black-crowned Night and Purple Herons. These waterbirds may be unfamiliar to many, posing some unexpected ID conundrums. Andy Stoddart provides all the information you'll need to recognise each species in the field.
  • Mating rituals - if Andy Stoddart's ID photo guide inspires you to get out and find some herons of your own, you'll need David Callahan's comprehensive guide to the best places to locate Britain's breeding herons and egrets as they mount their fabulous mating displays.
  • Local Heroes celebrated - chosen by our readers in the Birders' Choice Awards 2018, we showcase some of our favourite Local Heroes, celerbating their often unsung contribution to conservation and birding.

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