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Common Rock Thrush in Scilly | Little Gull passage | Mockingbird on the move

On Sale: 27/05/2021

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■ Heath health Continuing our occasional series on habitats, Ed Stubbs examines the importance of heathland for birds. Shaped by human activity, this unique landscape is home to a variety of species including Dartford Warbler, European Stonechat and European Nightjar. But around 85% of heathland has been lost over the past 150 years, and it needs active management if we are to save it.
■ Bee eaters European Honey Buzzard is a very rare breeder in, and a scarce migrant to, Britain. It is a highlight of summer birding, though this enigmatic species is notoriously hard to catch up with. Gerry Hinchon profiles the species’ life, times and status in Britain. 
■ Life of a London lister Birding in the capital can be rewarding as well as challenging. Dominic Mitchell shares the highs, the lows, the competitive spirit, the rarities and a very Big Year as he takes a look back at his time as one of London’s keenest birders. 
■ Subalpine warblers Recently confirmed as three separate species, Western Subalpine, Eastern Subalpine and Moltoni’s Warblers are small warblers of the Mediterranean region. All three are rare in Britain and Ireland and any would make for an exciting find. Andy Stoddart has all the information you need to recognise these similar species in the field.
Plus: more thought-provoking comment from columnists Dominic Mitchell, Lucy McRobert and Mark Avery, our latest photo challenge, the team at BirdGuides provides round-ups of April’s birding highlights from Britain, Ireland and the wider Western Palearctic, news, views and reviews, tips and advice on improving your birding and your questions answered by our expert panel.

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