Birdwatch February 2018

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What's in this Issue?

Reports: Killdeer and Ross’s Gull

Full stories behind Scilly & Northumberland’s one-day wonders


know your Hawks!

Read our definitive guide to separating Goshawk and Sparrowhawk



year of the mega

Red-winged Blackbird, Elegant Tern, Amur Falcon – relive all of 2017’s amazing birds


In the field

Fantastic owls and where to find them

All you need to know to see our five regular species



50 years of finds

The incredible birds that evaded detection


Bill Oddie

On fake birds, gnomes and other ludicrous garden ornaments


Great days out ...

in Dumfries & Galloway, Devon, Carmarthenshire and Nottinghamshire


On your list?

Where to see Glaucous Gull in Britain and Ireland


On sale on 25 January 2018

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