Birdwatch - April 2023

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Breeding Black-necked Grebes, Portland Bird Observatory, moult, Black Kite ID and the next potential British first all feature in April’s Birdwatch, which is out now.

On Sale: 23/03/2023

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What's in this Issue?

The transient grebe
A variety of factors need to align for Black-necked Grebe to nest in Britain. Dan Owen is lucky enough to have this exquisite bird breeding on his Cheshire patch and he takes a closer look the species’ requirements.

First port of call
Portland Bird Observatory is a classic spring site. In the first article of a new series profiling UK bird observatories, Martin Cade discusses the Dorset hot-spot, including its history and seasonal highlights.

Field ID notes: Black Kite
In Britain, Black Kite can be difficult to catch up with and is routinely misidentified. Andy Stoddart addresses the identification issues.

Anticipating new arrivals
Sam Viles looks to Europe, Africa and the Middle East to contemplate what the next British first might be.

Moult matters
Sam Jones and James Kennerley highlight the importance of moult to birds, discussing the strategies they employ.

Tanager in trouble
The World Land Trust introduces an initiative that aims to save one of the world’s rarest birds – Cherry-throated Tanager – from extinction.

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