Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis)


En-usOriental Turtle-Dove   CaTórtora rogenca   DaØstlig Turteldue   DeOrientturteltaube   EsTórtola oriental   Fiidänturturikyyhky   FrTourterelle orientale   ItTortora orientale   NlOosterse Tortel   NoMongolturteldue   PtRola-oriental   SvStörre turturduva   RuБольшая горлица

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16:51 23/04/17
Kivik, Skåne
15:30 03/04/17
Kivik, Skåne
14:42 02/04/17
Simrishamn, Skåne
20:22 20/03/17
11:14 14/03/17
Klepp, Rogaland
15:27 02/03/17
Klepp, Rogaland
10:13 08/02/17
Klepp, Rogaland
22:44 28/12/16

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Oriental Turtle Dove has been reported in the following areas (Bird News Extra subscribers can see a list of all records, as well as charts and graphs analysing the data by area, year, month, age and sex):

E Yorks (1)
Highland (2)
N Yorks (1)
Norfolk (2)
Orkney (1)
Oxon (1)
Scilly (1)
Shetland (2)
Suffolk (1)

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Tue 03/05/16  New content  
Tales of the Orient: Oriental Turtle Dove at Otford, Kent, 18 February-May 2016
Tales of the Orient
A series of unfortunate events led to news of a mega in Kent emerging many weeks after it was first discovered. But reports of the bird’s presence continued to filter out, and determined efforts by county recorder Barry Wright and others to relocate it finally led to success.  read on read on
Wed 25/11/15
Oriental Turtle Dove on Shetland
Oriental Turtle Dove on Shetland
Photos and details of the Oriental Turtle Dove found on Mainland Shetland on 25 November.  read on read on
Tue 03/05/11
RSPB: Rare dove joins the fight against illegal bird slaughter
RSPB Rare dove joins the fight against illegal bird slaughter
The Oxfordshire Oriental Turtle Dove has raised over £3000 for BirdLife Malta.  read on read on
Fri 04/02/11
Rarity finders: Oriental Turtle Dove, Oxfordshire
Rarity finders Oriental Turtle Dove, Oxfordshire
Thanks to the persistence of a BTO Garden BirdWatcher, another garden mega is found via email.  read on read on

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