Dunlin (Calidris alpina)


En-usDunlin   CaTerit variant   DaAlmindelig Ryle   DeAlpenstrandläufer   EsCorrelimos común   Fisuosirri   FrBécasseau variable   ItPiovanello pancianera   NlBonte Strandloper   NoMyrsnipe   PtPilrito-comum   SvKärrsnäppa   RuЧернозобик

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23:06 17/10/11
13:49 16/10/11
09:49 16/05/11
08:43 16/05/11
21:19 26/05/09
08:34 17/03/09
19:58 15/03/09
15:10 11/05/07

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Dunlin breeds in the following countries (Bird News Extra subscribers will see population statistics and information on trends for each country, and a map of population densities):

Faroe Islands

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Fri 19/09/14  New content  
RSPB: Dartmoor boost for Dunlin
RSPB Dartmoor boost for Dunlin
Dunlin numbers have increased on Dartmoor in response to conservationists' efforts to restore the moor's famous bogs.  read on read on
Fri 14/03/14
RSPB: A burning issue for England's upland wildlife
RSPB A burning issue for England's upland wildlife
Burning, drainage and other forms of intensive land management in England's iconic peat-covered hills are threatening to create a series of environmental catastrophes, says the RSPB.  read on read on
Wed 13/06/12
Divorce in birds: She’s movin’ up, while he’s movin’ out!
Divorce in birds: She’s movin’ up, while he’s movin’ out!
Divorce in Dunlin pairs leads to higher breeding success for the female.  read on read on
Thu 17/02/11
RSPB: New study reveals links between wader declines and land use
RSPB New study reveals links between wader declines and land use
A new study found no single cause has driven the recent population declines in upland waders, but changes in land use may be influencing certain species.  read on read on
Mon 25/02/08
BTO: Stour-Orwell birders - have you seen colour-ringed birds?
BTO Stour-Orwell birders - have you seen colour-ringed birds?
The BTO needs help with monitoring Dunlin and Redshank.  read on read on
Wed 10/01/07
Wind farm development on Lewis
Wind farm development on Lewis
The RSPB have voiced their concerns over the proposed wind farm development on Lewis. See how you can help by adding your support to the protest.  read on read on

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