Hudsonian Godwit (Limosa haemastica)


En-usHudsonian Godwit   CaTètol de Hudson   DaCanadisk Kobbersneppe   DeHudsonschnepfe   EsAguja café   Fieskimokuiri   FrBarge hudsonienne   ItPittima dell' Hudson   NlRode Grutto   NoSvartvingespove   PtMaçaricão-de-bico-virado   SvHudsonspov   RuКанадский веретенник

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09:38 19/09/15
14:57 17/09/15
09:22 17/09/15
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09:27 16/09/15
09:10 16/09/15

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Hudsonian Godwit has been reported in the following areas (Bird News Extra subscribers can see a list of all records, as well as charts and graphs analysing the data by area, year, month, age and sex):

Devon (1)
E Yorks (1)
NE Scotland (1)
Somerset (1)

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Wed 23/09/15
Rarity finders: Hudsonian Godwit on Inishmore, Co Galway
Rarity finders Hudsonian Godwit on Inishmore, Co Galway
Combining a stag-do with a birding trip to Galway paid off for the Punkbirder team when they refound a first for Ireland that was thought to be long gone.  read on read on
Tue 28/07/15
Rarity finders: Hudsonian Godwit in Co Galway
Rarity finders Hudsonian Godwit in Co Galway
Dermot Breen was in the right place at the right time to discover Ireland's first Hudsonian Godwit on one of his local patches.  read on read on

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