Lesser White-fronted Goose (Anser erythropus)


En-usLesser White-fronted Goose   CaOca riallera petita   DaDværggås   DeZwerggans   EsÁnsar chico   Fikiljuhanhi   FrOie naine   ItOca lombardella minore   NlDwerggans   NoDverggås   PtGanso-pequeno   SvFjällgås   RuПискулька

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Lesser White-fronted Goose, Foulness Island, Essex: note this an MOD site and access is very difficult via a long and potentially dangerous walk across from Wakering Stairs to view only from footpaths (where no guarantee goose is within sight) ONLY while flags are down and firing range shut - call Range Control Office 01702 383211 to check access times
09:49 31/10/16
Maoz Haim

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Lesser White-fronted Goose has been reported in the following areas (Bird News Extra subscribers can see a list of all records, as well as charts and graphs analysing the data by area, year, month, age and sex):

Angus/Dundee (1)
Argyll (2)
Carmarthen (1)
Ceredigion (1)
Clyde (1)
Dumf & Gall (5)
Essex (3)
Forth (1)
Glos (75)
Kent (3)
Lancs (4)
Lincs (1)
Norfolk (21)
Northumbs (3)
Outer Hebrides (1)
Suffolk (1)
Wexford (1)
Wilts (1)

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Lesser White-fronted Goose breeds in the following countries (Bird News Extra subscribers will see population statistics and information on trends for each country, and a map of population densities):


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Fri 15/12/06
BirdLife: Satellite-tracking reveals new migration route for Lesser White-fronts
BirdLife Satellite-tracking reveals new migration route for Lesser White-fronts
Satellite tracking studies have shed further light on the migratory movements of the highly-threatened population of Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose.  read on read on
Tue 10/02/04
Focus On: Winter Geese - Part 1: Part 1 - The 'grey geese' (Full Text)
Focus On Winter Geese - Part 1
The 'grey geese' can provide some headaches when it comes to identifying them to race or species. Find out more about where these birds come from and what they look like – Tundra or Taiga, Eurasian or Greenland?  read on read on

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