Bewick's Swan (Cygnus columbianus bewickii)


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12:16 07/04/17
Heimara Hálsavatni
22:48 13/03/17
09:24 10/03/17
07:51 10/03/17
07:50 10/03/17
15:17 06/03/17
22:58 05/03/17

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Mon 19/12/16  New content  
WWT: 'Human Swan' flies home
WWT 'Human Swan' flies home
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) conservationist Sacha Dench flew into Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, on Friday in her paramotor, completing a record-breaking three-month journey following Bewick's Swans on migration from Russia.  read on read on
Thu 30/10/14
WWT: Bewick's Swan population suffers alarming crash
WWT Bewick's Swan population suffers alarming crash
New figures from the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) reveal that Britain's smallest and rarest swan species has suffered a crash in numbers.  read on read on
Tue 04/03/14
WWT: Bewick's Swan cygnet left 'home alone'
WWT Bewick's Swan cygnet left 'home alone'
A young Bewick's Swan has been abandoned by its parents at WWT Slimbridge.  read on read on
Sat 12/11/11
WWT: Swan named Mr Bond set to reveal migration secrets
WWT Swan named Mr Bond set to reveal migration secrets
Tracking device set to reveal Bewick's Swan migration route.  read on read on
Fri 11/03/11
WWT: Big bums a good sign for swans
WWT Big bums a good sign for swans
As the UK says goodbye to its wintering swans, WWT researchers are busy measuring the size of their bottoms.  read on read on
Sun 21/11/10
WWT: New relationship still going strong for divorced swan
WWT New relationship still going strong for divorced swan
Slimbridge Wetland Centre last week saw the return of Sarindi, the famously divorced Bewick's Swan, with her new partner.  read on read on
Mon 18/10/10
WWT: Bewick's Swans make early arrival at Slimbridge
WWT Bewick's Swans make early arrival at Slimbridge
Could the early return of Bewick's Swans to the WWT's flagship reserve be a sign of a cold winter to come?  read on read on
Tue 28/10/03
Birding abroad: Swan Vista
Birding abroad Swan Vista
Follow the progress of Bewick's Swans and Whooper Swans fitted with radio transmitters as they undertake their autumn migration from the Russian Arctic to northwest Europe.  read on read on

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