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Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers. Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid and other forms of sealife caught while swimming underwater. They spend about half of their lives on land and half in the oceans.
  • Fiordland Penguin - South Island © Adam Bowley

  • King Penguin - Falkland Islands © Jason Protheroe

  • King Penguin - South Georgia © Owen Parker

  • Emperor Penguin - Antarctica © Martin Casemore

  • Emperor Penguin - Antarctica © Martin Casemore

  • King Penguin - Falkland Islands © Hugh Venables

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