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The Pandionidae family contains a single genus (Pandion), which in turn contains a single species (Pandion haliaetus), although other extinct species have been identified in the fossil record. Ospreys are diurnal, fish-eating birds of prey which pluck fish from the water's surface, and their feet are adapted to catch and carry their slippery prey. The return of the Osprey to Britain (and, particularly, Scotland) is one of the success stories of modern conservation, but the species is found around the world, on all continents except Antarctica, though it occurs in South America only as a migrant.

  • Western Osprey - Hertfordshire © Tony Knight

  • Western Osprey - South Yorkshire © Brian Irvine

  • Western Osprey - New Jersey © Derek Moore

  • Western Osprey - Alberta © Derek Moore

  • Western Osprey - Kent © David McGough

  • Western Osprey - Leicestershire and Rutland © Fausto Riccioni

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