Berlebach Report 8028


This tall, heavy wooden tripod extends to 1.86 m with the head in place. Constructed from ash wood, it has a heavy-duty varnished paint covering and appears tough and durable. The three leg sections are locked in place by screw clamps on the outside of the legs, but the top sections have to be undone in order to release those at the bottom. The centre column locking screw for height adjustment at the apex is a long, single-winged lever bolt which requires only a slight movement to lock or release the aluminium centre column.

A wheel centrally located at the top of each leg allows multiple-angle positioning of the legs up to a full 90° out from the centre column. This provides locking in one intermediate position. The 520/V head I used with the tripod does not feature a quick-release plate, but has an antirotation pin for extra stability, part-covered with strengthened rubber to increase the grip on mounted optics. There is also a single spirit level built into the base of the head and a horizontal rotational degree scale. The tilt-and-pan handle locks the head for tilting but not panning, which is locked by a separate knob on the side of the head. The tilt-and-pan handle can be fitted to the left or right.

I found this tripod to be extremely solid and stable, and easily capable of supporting a large, heavy telescope or camera set-up. Tilt-and-pan action of the head was very smooth and the integral sliding wooden legs did not stick when opening and closing. The leg-lock screws were well positioned and easy – though not quick – to use. The only negative points were its heaviness and the complete lack of padding on the legs, both of which were very noticeable when it was being carried over the shoulder.

Tech spec

  • Price: £179
  • Collapsed total length: 785 mm
  • Maximum height: 1,860 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Guarantee: 5 years