Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria 2021


Tucked away in the far north-west of England, Cumbria can sometimes feel a little forgotten by birders – but this latest wildlife report from Cumbria Bird Club provides ample enough evidence that there is much to see and discover in the county.

The main species accounts offer up substantial detail without compromising readability. They're ably supported by a range of decent images that editor Chris Hind has taken the time to caption with not only species but sex and age where possible. The characterful field notebook sketches from Barry Robson are a delight. There's a good range of back papers with broad appeal including a summary of a county-wide breeding Rock Pipit survey, a ringing report and accounts of extreme rarities such as Long-toed Stint and Marsh Sandpiper, as well as the county's first Caspian Gull to excite the larid lovers.

In keeping with a number of other 'bird reports', Cumbria's offering covers an extensive range of other taxa with sections on almost everything a naturalist could be interested in from the more obvious groups of butterflies, moths and dragonflies to reptiles, beetles and lichens.

Without doubt, Birds and Wildlife in Cumbria offers something for every Cumbrian nature lover, be they resident or visitor.

Written by: Alan Tilmouth