Portrait of an Estuary DVD


Spread season-by-season over four DVDs, this exhaustive documentary about the Severn Estuary seems daunting at first, but the lengthy format soon captures attention with its painstaking footage, filmed from 2004 to 2008.

Starting in winter, when wildfowl and waders dominate, this often beautifully filmed set highlights the international importance to birds of this sizeable region. Including great shots of ‘sewing’ Jack Snipe and dancing Meadow Pipits, as well as butterflies, dragonflies and other wildlife, the film is strengthened by its prolonged shots of real-time observation rather than quick video bites.

This absorbing documentary will be a welcome addition to any birder’s shelves, particularly those familiar with the region. 

Product: Portrait of an Estuary by Nigel Tucker, narrated by Barry Paine
Price: £25.50 including p&p
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