Wader Conservation World Watch celebrates 10th anniversary


Wader Conservation World Watch (WCWW) is set to take place over the weekend of 4-5 November, with the annual event celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023.

Birders are encouraged to take part worldwide. Simply head out into the field and log your sightings of shorebirds over the weekend, wherever you are in the world. Then, after your birding session, share your sightings with Wader Quest, detailing what you've seen and where, before your findings will appear on the WCWW species list and roll of honour.

Birders are encouraged to go out and count waders over the weekend of 5-6 November, sharing their sightings with Wader Quest (Christine Whiffen).

To send your sightings with Wader Quest, you can either email them to waderquest@gmail.com or wcww@waderquest.net, or share eBird checklists with WaderQuestTeam.

Find out more at waderquest.net/wader-conservation-world-watch.