US wins Peruvian birding rally

The winning Tigrisomas team celebrate their victory. Photo: Inkaterra Associacion.
The winning Tigrisomas team celebrate their victory. Photo: Inkaterra Associacion.
An eight-day rally of non-stop birding in Peru has been won by an American team, with the British 'Forest Falcons' team coming in second.

Fully titled The Birding Rally Challenge Nor Amazonica, the rally took place over eight days and seven nights, each team covered the same circuit from coastal Lambayeque to Tarapoto in the foothills of the Andes.

As well as the US and Britain, guest teams (all non-resident) came from Brazil, South Africa and Spain. Each team member was required to have an accepted have birding background, in order to offer opinions on conservation activities and birding conditions in the areas visited during the competition, which ended on 19 June and was organised by Inkaterra Associación, a Peruvian sustainable tourism organisation.

The non-stop rally, which was inaugurated on 9 June and took place between 11th and 18th, covered four northern Peruvian northern regions and a distance of 1503 kilometres, and is the only birding rally event in the world. A possible 955 species can be seen on the rally's route, and the winning team 'Tigrisomas' logged 676; the British team came in with 601. 

The rally was actually the second such event in Peru, after Inkaterra launch the first in November 2012, working alongside Peru's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism as co-organisers. 
This special birding event highlights Peru’s position as a must-visit location for birders, naturalists and ecotourists. Northern Peru benefits from the highest concentration of bird species in the country, with around 1,400 of the 1,836 species of birds (20 per cent of the world total) found in the country; 120 of these are endemic.