UK's first live-streamed White Stork nest now online


White Storks nesting in the UK can now be viewed from the comfort of your own home or on a smartphone.

The White Stork Project has worked with Wildlife Windows to install a live camera at a nest on the Knepp Castle in West Sussex, where the species bred in England for the first time in 400 years in 2019.

White Storks have bred at Knepp Castle Estate since 2019 (James Sellen).

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A variety of behaviours have already been captured on the camera feed. Two birds which bred together successfully in 2021 were recorded reaffirming their bond with the famous bill-clattering display, but a second male has also appeared on the camera regularly. It is unclear which male the female will breed with at this early stage.

All of the birds recorded on the camera so far became part of The White Stork Project after being rehabilitated for injuries in the wild in Poland, the oldest being the female 'GB29', hatched in 2017.

Viewers are encouraged to contribute to citizen science by reporting what they've seen on the camera through a form online. As well as behaviour and reads of the birds' rings, the project is interested in keeping track of which other species visit the nest.

The live stream of the nest can be viewed at www.whitestorkproject.org/live.