Trio of Puffins found inland


Three Puffins have been found inland during the last 10 days, with one stricken individual discovered 80 km from the sea in West Yorkshire.

Two of the occurrences have been in Essex: a bird at Abberton Reservoir on 9 November, followed by a grounded individual in a Tolleshunt D'Arcy garden on 11th. The latter Puffin was taken into care, but sadly the Abberton bird was found dead the following day. Kieren Alexander, from RSPB Old Hall Marshes, told the BBC: "It's the first Puffin ever noted at Abberton Reservoir and the records go back to 1944."



Also on 11 November, a third Puffin was found, by a vet near Wakefield at Thorpe Audlin – 80km from the nearest stretch of coast – before being rescued by staff from the Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital.

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The hospital wrote on Facebook: "The bird was blown inland likely due to recent poor weather … After arrival at the sanctuary, the bird was warmed and dried through in an intensive care brooder, and will require feeding up. We expect a full recovery ahead of a return back to the coast in the near future."

Puffin is exceptionally rare inland and this spate of records may well be linked to the ongoing auk wreck in the North Sea, as covered here and here.

The Puffin that was found in West Yorkshire (Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital).