Third Common Buzzard shot in Essex in 2020


Raptor Persecution UK reports that a Common Buzzard is believed to have been shot in early December in Essex – the third known shooting of the species in the county in 2020.

Details are unclear at present but the buzzard is thought to have been shot overnight between 1 and 2 December with "what is believed to be a shotgun". There isn't any information about whether the bird is alive or dead.

No fewer than three Common Buzzards were shot in Essex in 2020 (Steve Nesbitt).

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The offence is believed to have taken place on farmland near Blind Lane, Billericay. The police crime reference number is 42/1995748/20 – please contact the police on 101 if you have information that can assist this criminal investigation.

This is the third buzzard to be reported shot in Essex in 2020 – one was found in June and another in September. A Eurasian Hobby was also shot in the county in August last year.