The updated BirdGuides news app is now available!


The BirdGuides app has been fully updated on both iOS and Android devices, with more sophisticated notification settings now available.

BirdGuides app users can now customise notification sounds for three categories:

  • Breaking megas (first reports of new mega rarities);
  • Mega updates (all subsequent positive updates of mega rarities);
  • Other sightings (all other reports of common to rare species, plus negative news or unconfirmed reports of mega rarities).

This development means that users can now better differentiate what news their device is alerting them to without having to manually check the message – if you hear the breaking mega sound, you know it must be something good!

The sounds used for these categories are fully customisable on both iOS and Android, albeit in slightly different ways. On iOS devices, users can set these within the app. Tap the Settings option in the top right corner of the screen, then scroll down to the Push Notification Sounds options, where you can choose which sounds you want to use for each category.

On Android devices, sounds can be selected within your phone's settings (but not within the app). Choose Settings > Notifications > BirdGuides, then select each category and choose your custom sound. The defaults are the familiar Black-billed Cuckoo for breaking megas and Blackpoll Warbler for other sightings, with the addition of Temminck's Stint for mega updates. If you wish to choose any of these three BirdGuides sounds for each of the categories, you can download them in a zipped file here, then customise your notification sounds as you please.


Unrivalled accuracy

Subscribers to the app are able to take advantage of our accurate map pinning, with multiple dropped pins for parking and latest location of the bird linking with your device's map provider (Google Maps or Apple Maps). Sightings are typically pinned to a GPS point within 10 metres, showing the exact location a bird was last reported. It has never been easier to navigate to the exact location of a sighting – simply tap on the link and off you go:


Unbeatable value

The BirdGuides bird news service provides accurate, up-to-date and reliable information at unbeatable value for money. Unlike alternatives, there are no hidden costs and customised notifications are part of the packages detailed below.

Bird News Ultimate – which allows users access to the BirdGuides bird news app, website, text and email alert services, as well as including an annual subscription to Birdwatch magazine – offers phenomenal value at just £69.99 per year on Direct Debit, or £18.50 per quarter.

Bird News Pro – which includes full access to the bird news app, as well as our website service – costs just £49.99 per year on Direct Debit, or £13.50 per quarter.


Try it free!

New customers have the opportunity to sample the app through a month-long free trial. If you are a returning customer thinking about re-joining us, please email us at contact@birdguides.com if you would like to trial the app.