Storm Babet blows seabirds inland


Storm Babet has blown a range of seabirds inland, with species like Long-tailed Duck and European Shag being found in unusual places.

In Aberdeenshire, where the storm was at its most violent, New Arc Wildlife Rescue says birds found in the Peterhead area included a Long-tailed Duck discovered in the town centre and a Northern Gannet which crash-landed on a street. Along the coast, a Guillemot was found exhausted.

A Long-tailed Duck that was found in Peterhead town centre (New Arc Wildlife Rescue).

"We have attended multiple reports of seabirds found grounded, many of them victims of the storm itself," the charity said. "It is likely more sea birds will be found inland or grounded over the next few days. Please keep an eye out and call your nearest wildlife rescue for advice."

Further south, there has been an unusual number of inland European Shags and Red-throated Divers reported on the back of the storm. At least 20 of the former species have been found at various sites, chiefly in the Midlands, including at least four at Crookes Valley Park in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and one in a garden in Wigsley, Nottinghamshire.

No fewer than 17 Red-throated Divers also made it to inland locations, from as far north as Aberdeenshire south to East Sussex.