Spurn Migration Festival: 9-11 September 2016


With just over two weeks to go, the fourth annual Spurn Migration Festival is starting to gather pace. Not only are all the back office preparations coming together, but the stars of the show are starting to arrive here at Spurn. We have logged Barred Warbler, Icterine Warbler, Greenish Warbler and Red-backed Shrike in recent days plus everybody's favourite scarce migrant, Wryneck, also made an appearance on Beacon Lane. A large fall of Willow Warblers dropped off in the Triangle area; it was amazing to watch birds falling out of the sky! This is Spurn at its very best, and we hope such spectacles will be on view to our visitors over the Migfest weekend.

We also have David La Puma and Bjorn Malmhagen flying in to deliver the main lecture on Saturday evening entitled 'A Tale of two Peninsulas'. David and Bjorn will share with us the spectacle of bird migration at Cape May Bird Observatory, in the United States, and Sweden's Falsterbo Bird Observatory. Those of you at last year's Migration Festival may remember that we linked up live with Bjorn in Sweden where over 7,000 Tree Pipits had passed through Falsterbo that day. Truly amazing!

If you would like to join us here at Spurn and witness the spectacle of migration for yourselves, please visit www.spurnmigfest.com or call the BTO on 01842 750050 to purchase your tickets.

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Written by: Rob Adams, Spurn