Spurn Bird Observatory Easter Quiz open for entrants


At the end of last year, we announced that Spurn Bird Observatory was looking to purchase 5.5 acres of land: the fields immediately adjacent to Cliff Farm, just south of the Kilnsea Road and bordering the Canal on its western edge, and Rose Cottage and Well Field on its eastern edge. We know how hard land can be to come by in our area, so when the opportunity to secure these fields in the Triangle arose, we simply couldn't turn down the chance to develop these more into areas for wildlife.

As with everywhere, last year was a difficult one for the Observatory at Spurn; much of the year we remained closed and were not able to function at our full potential with events and accommodation. But thanks to the amazing support we have received from our Friends of Spurn and the wider community, we are still able to explore potential land purchase opportunities like this one.

We are now very close to finalising the purchase, and are now looking to fundraise for habitat creation works in the field (more details on the land here), so SBOT Director and quizmaster Tony Hull has pulled together an Easter-themed quiz.

Spurn Bird Observatory is raising funds to buy a tract of land adjacent to Cliff Farm, Kilnsea, and the Easter quiz will go towards helping with that.

This quiz consists of a variety of questions and picture-based questions, all questions relate to British birds and other wildlife with a general theme of 'spring'. There are 50 questions in total.

There are three fantastic prizes for the top three entries:

  • Single Lifetime membership to Friends of Spurn (worth £450) (more info see here);
  • A £50 Spurn voucher (which can be spent in the Spurn shop or used for accommodation at the Observatory) (more info see here);
  • A copy of The Birds of Spurn by Andy Roadhouse (more info see here).

You have until midnight on Friday 23rd April 2021 to send your answers in. The winners will be announced on Monday 26th April (unless a tie break is required!).

There is an entrance fee of £3 – the easiest way to pay is through PayPal on our shop site here. If you can't do PayPal then our Chairman will be able to sort you out; drop him an email on robertadams141 'at' btinternet.com.


  1. To enter the quiz you need to go to our online shop link here and buy a ticket through PayPal.
  2. Once you have paid your £3, you will get an email with the quiz.
  3. Follow the instructions on top of the quiz sheet, fill it out and send it back!