Sponsor a BTO cuckoo

The BTO's cuckoo tagging project has now entered its third year. Photo: Locaguapa (commons.wikimedia.org).
The BTO's cuckoo tagging project has now entered its third year. Photo: Locaguapa (commons.wikimedia.org).
As the BTO's Common Cuckoo tracking project enters its third year, three birds still need sponsors and names.

Further birds have been added to the well-known project, which has added much-needed solid data to our knowledge of the movements of declining Common Cuckoos. Several birds have been satellite-tracked since the project started in 2011, revealing a hitherto unknown migration route through Spain, and numerous stop-over sites and wintering ranges.  

A further 14 birds have been tagged this year: four in Scotland and 10 in England, including birds caught in Devon, Sussex and Norfolk. These have been named by generous individuals and organisations but there are still some un-named birds who need champions. Find out how the likes of Livingstone, Nelson and Whortle are faring on the blogs and maps here.

There is still much to be done to help fully understand Cuckoo migration: studying the same birds in different years (currently only a bird named Chris has been tracked in both complete years of the project), assessing the effects of weather conditions, gaining a bigger sample of birds from different regions to look at the routes taken, looking at whether host species has any affect on migration, the timings and routes taken by juveniles, as well as females – and much more.

Naturally, all of this work requires funding. If you would like to help support and develop the project, you could become a cuckoo sponsor for as little as £10. You will receive email updates on the bird's progress  and your name will be featured on your chosen cuckoo's blog. If you have already donated, please consider further support for the class of 2013.