Speeding pigeon caught on camera


A Woodpigeon has triggered a speed trap in Germany as it flew past at 45 kph in a 30-kph zone. The bird, caught on camera in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, sped past in February but police only recently revealed the still after they were left baffled for some time as to what had triggered the trap. 

The Woodpigeon was flying at 45 kph (CEN/Stadt Bocholt).

After taking 3 kph off from the tracked speed (as a correction prescribed by German laws) the bird was still going 12 kph too fast along the street, earning it a €25 (£21.50) fine. A city spokesman said: "Whether the speedy bird wants to pay the €25 fine, and above all how, remains an open question. However, the city authorities do not want to launch a survey of possible witnesses."

The Bocholt Woodpigeon is not the first bird to be caught on camera trap. Last year, a speed camera in Koeniz – a town in the Swiss Canton of Bern – captured a Mallard flying at 52 kph in a 30-kph zone, with the trap likely triggered by the bird flapping its wings.