Sparrowhawk rescued from Essex craft store


A juvenile Eurasian Sparrowhawk has been successfully captured and released after becoming trapped in the Chelmsford Hobbycraft store for four days.

The bird flew through the shop's open doors on 26 September but when it still hadn't found its own way out four days later, two members of the South Essex Ringing Group arrived at the scene to help it on its way.

The Eurasian Sparrowhawk spent four days in the Hobbycraft store but appeared in good condition on release (David Pallash).

David Wilkinson and David Pallash arrived at the Hobbycraft store to set up what they said was "one of our weirder net lanes" through the aisles of the arts and crafts shop.

It only took the two ringers five minutes to catch the hawk when they set the net after the store closed at 6 pm at the end of the working week.

A mist net was set along the aisles after the shop closed (David Pallash).

Mr Wilkinson said: "It gave me a really nasty scratch which is good because it shows it had plenty of strength and character left."

After a ring was fitted, the bird was released back outside and appeared in good health.