Songbird poacher caught in Italy


A poacher will face a fine after being caught shooting songbirds in Lombardy, northern Italy.

In a joint operation between Italian Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) members and WWF wardens, the poacher – a 60-year old man from Brescia – was caught in the act as he shot birds between Confienza and Robbio, to the east of Milan.

Water and Meadow Pipits and Bramblings had been shot by the poacher (CABS).

During a routine patrol, the team heard suspicious shots in the distance and slowly made their way towards the sound through ditches and shrubs. They then witnessed a man shoot a Water Pipit and consequently phoned the police.

The officers found that the licensed hunter had two freshly shot Water Pipits and several Meadow Pipits and Brambling – all of which are protected species in Italy. 

The poacher’s shotgun was seized along with his mobile phone, which had the calls of the respective species and had obviously been used as a lure. The man must now await a fine, which will be issued from the courts in due course.