Satellite-tagged Hen Harrier disappears at roost site


The Raptor Persecution UK blog has reported that another young female satellite-tagged Hen Harrier, known as 'Rosie', has gone missing at a roost site in Northumberland.

The news comes after it was recently reported that another young female, named 'Fortune', and tagged on 15 June at Northumberland nest site, has been missing since 16 September when her transmitter's last known fix came from an undisclosed site in the same county.

Rosie being fitted with a satellite tag in 2019 (Natural England).

Rosie was tagged in July 2019 at a Northumberland nest and the tag's last known fix was 23 March 2020. Natural England has this marked in its database as 'Missing fate unknown. At roost (site confidential)'.

She was previously reported as missing in October 2019, but later reappeared. However, 10 months after her last signal, it's likely Rosie is dead, meaning two Hen Harriers disappeared at an undisclosed roost site in Northumberland in 2020.