RSPB invites public to enjoy International Dawn Chorus Day


International Dawn Chorus Day is set to take place on Sunday 7 May, with the RSPB encouraging people to get outdoors and experience the natural phenomenon.

Dawn Chorus Day has grown from a small event in Birmingham in the 1980s to a global annual celebration, enjoyed in more than 80 countries.

International Dawn Chorus Day is a great time to enjoy species such as Common Nightingale (Nick Appleton).

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by the RSPB found 91% of UK adults agree that seeing birds and hearing birdsong have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

The charity is presenting a wide range of engaging events and guided walks designed to help people get the best from the aural spectacle. A selection of activities can be found here: events.rspb.org.uk/dawnchorus