Plans for predator-proof Puffin fence on Jersey


A project that aims to safeguard Jersey's Puffin population has submitted a planning application for a predator-proof fence.

Birds On The Edge (BOTE) wants to erect a 1.6-km fence at Plemont to protect the birds from rats and ferrets. A 15-m section of the fence will be installed temporarily to show how it would look and affect the landscape.

There are only eight Puffins left in the Jersey breeding population (Tom Hines).

The fence would enclose a Puffin breeding area of some 30 ha. The reserve would provide a safe haven for them and other species such as Razorbill, Guillemot and Northern Fulmar.

BOTE aims to prevent Puffins and other seabirds from becoming extinct on the island. Numbers have declined dramatically in recent years due to habitat loss, climate change and predation.

Cris Sellares, project officer of BOTE, said: "There are only eight Puffins left in Jersey. If we don't do something now, there is a real risk that we will lose the iconic seabird which plays such an important part in Jersey's natural and cultural heritage."

He commented the "strategy comes at a price and the proposed fence will have some visual impact upon the coastal landscape". It was "therefore, imperative that Jersey's community has the opportunity to assess the impact for themselves and decide whether they feel this project should go ahead", he said.