Osprey pair returns to nest on same day for first time


A pair of Ospreys returned to their Scottish nest site hours apart, marking the first time the duo made it back to Loch of the Lowes on the same day.

Both the female (NC0) and her mate (LM12) arrived back at the Scottish Wildlife Trust site in Perthshire on Friday 17 March. NC0 arrived first on the nest at 7.43 am – and proceeded to give it a spruce-up straight away.

The Ospreys back at their nest at Loch of the Lowes (Scottish Wildlife Trust).

Then, at 1.43 pm, LM12 flew in and perched next to her on the nest, performing a 'skydance' just before landing. Ranger Sara Rasmussen was thrilled to see both back again at the stunning Perthshire loch. She said: "This is the earliest NC0 has ever arrived back and is looking in very good health after her long flight.

"She was 'nestorating' straight away: giving the nest a tidy up. I was totally delighted to see her back. When I saw her looking up from the nest into the sky, I grabbed a pair of binoculars and sure enough she had spotted her breeding mate LM12.

"Last year LM12 was first back with a record date of 13 March. It is wonderful to have them both back together to breed and on the same day makes it extra special."

NC0 was ringed as a chick near Loch Ness in 2016. She first bred in 2020 and has raised five chicks. This will be the twelfth breeding season for male Osprey LM12 at Loch of the Lowes.